Pickleball Clothing for Men: Comfort and Design for an On-Court Advantage

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We know that workout clothes should be made to last. Our line of men's pickleball clothing is inspired by a clean, timeless, and minimalist aesthetic and we guarantee it will hold up while looking great on the court.

We focus on textile innovation and impeccable construction with respect for the fine details.

By designing athleisure wear from a pickleball athlete's perspective, we bring a
higher standard to the category.

Shorts designed for pickleball players

The AVI Shorts (in 7 inch and 9 inch options) are made using high-end materials for high performance and an elevated look on the court.

Constructed with a four-way stretch material which absorbs sweat and sits comfortably on the skin, these pickleball shorts also feature a liner that provides extra support and comfort.

Laser cut ventilation and a perforated logo round out the shorts' look and functionality.

Short sleeved athletic shirt

The Ace short sleeve shirt features an open-knit pattern that wicks away moisture and helps you maintain cooler body temps, even during intense play.

The sleek design also features shoulder panels which allow the sleeves to move independently of the body, as well as flat seams which prevent irritation during movement.

A long sleeved shirt for the pickleball court

Long sleeved shirts don't have to be too warm. Just like the short sleeved shirt, our long sleeve uses a specialized open-knit pattern and fibers that wick sweat away from the body, keeping you cool during the highest level of play.

The shirt also features the same shoulder panels and ultra-secure seams, keeping you comfortable before, during, and after your game.

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