Enhance Your Retail Offering with AVI's Premium Pickleball Athletic Wear for Women

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Pickleball performance wear is more than just clothing, it's a reflection of dedication and style on the court. AVI, a pioneering brand in the world of pickleball athletic wear, has captured the essence of pickleball players' desire for functional yet stylish athletic wear they can rock on- or off-court.

AVI's commitment to excellence extends beyond the court – they also recognize the importance of their products for retailers and sports clubs, making them a sought-after addition to catalogs and pro shops.

The brand's ergonomic, ultra-lightweight, and breathable designs instantly catch the eye on the shelves of prestigious locations such as Ocean Reef Club, Fisher Island Club, CityPickle, Seattle Tennis Club, and The Summit Club.

AVI's dedication to quality and style makes them the first-ever pickleball-focused brand of its kind.

Wholesale Pricing for Retailers

One of AVI's standout features for retailers is their special wholesale pricing, designed to enhance the appeal of their products for club stores.

Whether you're a tennis, golf, or pickleball-specific club or retailer, AVI's exceptional line of products offers a unique opportunity to cater to a growing market.

With AVI's offerings, you can seamlessly diversify your catalog and tap into the thriving pickleball sector, capturing the attention of discerning customers.

Innovative Women's Pickleball Athletic Wear

A focal point of their collection, the Bounce-It short sleeve shirt, utilizes soft fabric to wick sweat away from your skin, ensuring comfort and focus even in the heat.

The bonded seams facilitate unrestricted motion and feel smooth against the skin, adding to the overall experience.

The ORC Short Sleeve shirt is tailored to keep players cool and comfortable on the court, thanks to its open-knit pattern style and moisture-wicking fibers.

The Cross-Court Skirt, is meticulously developed with optimal comfort in mind. Its soft 4” liner efficiently wicks sweat away, keeping players cool during and after the game.

The 15.5-inch length strikes a balance between coverage and style, setting AVI's designs apart.

AVI's women's pickleball clothing collection epitomizes innovation, style, and functionality, custom-tailored to the demands of pickleball players.

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