AVI was started by our namesake, Avi, who grew up playing Tennis and competing at the collegiate level. When Avi discovered Pickleball, he put down the racquet and picked up a paddle. While there were many different types of paddles to choose from, he realized he did not have the clothes he needed to hit the courts. No one was making apparel just for pickleball.

AVI, the brand, was founded to create apparel that is uniquely designed for the sport of pickleball and its modern players.


Serious sports require specialized gear. Pickleball is no exception.

AVI is the pioneering brand to introduce performance apparel tailored exclusively for pickleball and seized the opportunity to
enhance the sport.

Drawing inspiration from classic court apparel while incorporating cutting -edge technical materials and precision detailing, every AVI piece strikes a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity.

The outcome is a distinctive style meticulously crafted to elevate not only the performance but also the confidence and aesthetics of
pickleball players on the court.


We only create clothing and apparel that exceed standards for aesthetic and performance.


We develop and source innovative materials that are designed to work with your body, especially when you’re most active. These clothes are meant for motion, and are durable to hold up even in high-intensity moments.


We draw inspiration from contemporary fashion and minimalism, as well as classic sportswear design. Our clothes are designed to look just as good off the court as they do in motion.


We carefully select every material used in the construction of our apparel. Our clothing is designed to provide an exceptional experience: from the all-day comfort of the fabric, to unique materials that move with you.



We take steps to ensure that our partners practice fair and equitable labor laws. That means safe working environments, fair pay, and fair treatment.


We believe in the importance of a healthy planet. Which is why we only source materials and manufacturing from those who believe the same and follow strict environmental policies.


We do everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint. Our partners minimize their waste and water use, and we use recyclable materials whenever possible.