Product Information

AVI’s pickleball apparel is tailored for the unique demands of pickleball. It features deep pockets for secure ball storage, abrasion-resistant fabrics to withstand play and rough pickleballs, and moisture-wicking properties for comfort. The clothing blends style with performance, offering modern designs while accommodating pickleball movements like dinks, ernes, volleys and more.

AVI's skirts are 15.5 inches. For reference, most tennis skirts lie between the 12- and 14-inch mark. AVI skirts are designed for optimal coverage without sacrificing style or performance.

Yes, we offer 7” and 9” shorts so players of varying heights feel comfortable and confident in our shorts.

- We design all of our products in-house at our corporate headquarters in Miami, Florida, where pickleball is played outside all year round.

-Our products are ethically manufactured in Asia and the US. We take steps to ensure that our partners practice fair and equitable labor laws. That means safe working environments, fair pay, and fair treatment.

While we can’t give exact collection release dates, we usually have two collections per year—summer and winter.

Wholesale Information

Whether you're a tennis, golf, or pickleball-specific club or retailer, AVI's exceptional line of products offers a unique opportunity to cater to a growing market. We also offer special wholesale pricing, designed to enhance the appeal of our products for our retail partners. For more information and assistance about becoming one of our retail partners please email info@aviathletics.com

We generally do not charge minimums. For more information and assistance please email info@aviathletics.com.

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